The Baker Within Expands Her Scope


Three years ago, looking to expand my baking skills, I embarked on a journey to bake something new every week and to blog about it. The Baker Within ( was a medium through which I unlocked the baker I always had within me. Now 3 years later, I’ve broadened my vision; To discover the multi-faceted woman I am. The career woman, the baker, the homemaker, the DIY-er, the best friend, the lover, the fashionista, etc etc and the many roles continue. As I grow older, I realize that the modern woman must be many things. And this blog is how I intend to unleash the super powers I know are  somewhere in there. I won’t claim to be an expert. This is essentially a blog about a regular woman trying to live a successful life.


So if you want to witness, the attempts, the successes, the failures, the laughs along my journey. Subscribe and stay tuned.


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