What’s In My Beach Bag

First let me extend my apologies to my readers who live somewhere where a day at the beach isn’t possible or practical right now. In Jamaica, beach can happen any day out of the year, with the only considerations being rain and hurricanes. On any given Sunday you can get a call “Hey, Beach?” and you’re off! This occasion however, was special. While I like my usual trips to Fort Clarence, I think we can all agree it isn’t the most calm, beautiful, soft or seaweed free beach in Jamaica. For that we have to drive a bit further. On this particular occasion, a group of friends and I were in Duncans Trelawny, staying at a villa, celebrating a very special birthday. While on the beach, I was inspired to do a little post about what I like to take with me.


The very cliche legs beach pic

The very cliche legs beach pic

Before I get into it though, can we take a moment like Jerry LaVigne to take a look at that sky?! The sky there was something else, it was so clear and blue. I think every one of us considered staying there indefinitely. The sand was powdery soft, and the water felt amazing too. But I digress, this post is about whats in my bag right? Let me focus.



Lets start with…

The Bag

I have two bags I prefer to take to the beach. This particular one was given to me on my honeymoon by Hilton Grand Vacations Club. I used to take any old canvas tote, but I’ve now become a little more selective. I prefer a bag that zips up, just to keep everything secure and I like one that has a separate extra pocket for the things I reach for often and want to access quickly, like my phone.


I don’t know about you but beverages are always a part of my beach day. And my rumpanions know, that my beverage of choice is Appleton V/X with club soda and a splash of lime. Not pictured on this occasion, but often carried are:

  • a knife to cut the limes. Yes, my friends and I take this lime thing seriously. Or we may pre-cut the lime wedges from home
  • Water. Yes, at least some thought is given to the fact that we should be responsible and carry hydration that isn’t laced with alcohol
  • A cup. I prefer taking my own re-usable cup or bottle from home, rather than disposable plastic cups. I love the beach so much its the least I can do to help save the environment.
  • A cooler with ice

Interestingly enough I never ever carry a bottle opener. Not even when I buy club soda that doesn’t have a screw top. “Why?” ,you might ask. Well, I am secretly very entertained by all the ingenious ways men know how to open bottles. They’ve learnt how to open them with ease on practically any hard surface, on other bottles, on their teeth, on their elbows, its amazing! Why don’t they teach girls these useful and amazing skills?! Screw sewing and gardening, I want to learn how to McGuyver a bottle open.


I’m not about that sunburn life and while I enjoy that bronze goddess look, the red lobster look and feel is far from desired. So I always carry sunscreen. I prefer the spray ones for the ease of application. Pretty much any of the spray sunscreens with SPF 50 or more works for me. And yes, I am a dork and I reapply several times throughout the day because I WILL burn otherwise.

Reading Material

I always take something to read with me. Although I must confess that on many occasions I do not use it. When you’re with a large group you seldom have time for books but, on a quiet day there’s nothing more wonderful than laying on the beach reading a good book. Many of the books I own are on my Ipad, so on this occasion I carried it. Currently I’m reading Bossypants by Tina Fey and thoroughly enjoying it.

My Cell Phone

So I can browse through all the instagram pics and take my husband’s beach  fish order while at the beach.


To look suave and protect my eyes from the glaring sun I wear sunglasses. Now depending on how many disposable contact lenses I have in my stock, I either wear contact lenses to the beach or I do the glasses dance.


I don’t always carry a cover-up, I just wear some shorts and a tank top over my swimsuit. But this weekend I was feeling extra glamourous and this cover-up actually matched the swimsuit I was wearing. I find they are actually quite easy, convenient and nice looking and this weekend might have convinced me to go buy a collection of cover-ups to match all my varied swimsuit colour schemes.


This one’s a no brainer, the sea is wet, at some point I will want to dry off. The towel is for that.

Now this beach particular beach had complimentary lounge chairs so I didn’t bring one of my beach essentials, the beach mat. If you don’t have a beach mat or blanket, get one. Its not the same as using a towel, stop trying to convince yourself you can just lay a towel out.

So that’s that, all the things I take to the beach. Hmm, this is actually making me feel like going to the beach today.


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